Red Velvet

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Red Velvet

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Back by popular demand, Red Velvet Cake in a Can. A stylishly designed can containing Red Velvet cake ingredients. Just Add Water.

A gift for the person who has everything...but all they really want is cake. Red Velvet Cake is for the more sophisticated palette.

Why send a card when a cake is just as easy and does so much more. All ingredients and cans are sourced and produced in the UK. Let someone know you give a damn!

Cake in a Can comes in other tasty varieties. Chocolate, Coffee, and if you're feeling a little crazy we have Chilli Chocolate.

made from:

The cans are recyclable, as are the contents! The can contains a cake mix to make a single cake simply by adding water.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, beetroot powder, vanilla, egg. You Just Add Water.


H 6.2cm x D 7.4cm. Approx weight. contents 70g. inc can 118g.

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